When you choose to publish with 游加电竞 , your research makes an impact. Make your work accessible to all, without restrictions, and accelerate scientific discovery with options like preprints and published peer review that make your work more Open.


Investigating questions surrounding Open Science and scholarly communications with a view to building better solutions

Our mission is to help lead a transformation in research communication. Success relies in part on developing a deeper understanding of our scholarly publishing system, and the factors that shape it, so we can better understand community needs, motivations, and behaviors.

Like the researchers who publish in our journals, 游加电竞 prioritizes openness by posting, publishing and depositing the results of our scholarly communications investigations. Below are the outcomes from recent studies.

Recent 游加电竞 investigations
Advancing code sharing in the computational biology community

Communicates the outcomes of 游加电竞 Computational Biology’s open code-sharing policy after one year.

June 2 2022

May 27 2022

May 27 2022

A survey of researchers’ needs and priorities for data sharing

An investigation of the importance of tasks associated with data sharing, and researchers’ satisfaction with their ability to complete these tasks.

October 13 2021

February 8 2021

A survey of researchers’ code sharing and reuse practices

Explores the needs and habits of researchers in relation to code sharing and reuse, and gathers feedback on prototype code notebooks.

March 2 2022

February 3 2022

A survey of funders’ and institutions’ needs for understanding researchers open research practices

Reports on the challenges funders and institutions face when trying to monitor and evaluate researchers’ adherence to open data, code and software policies.

September 30 2021

September 27 2021

Researchers’ Goals When Assessing Credibility and Impact in Committees and in Their Own Work

Explores how researchers evaluate research outputs when conducting their own research and serving on committees for hiring and grant review.

July 29 2021

Code Sharing Survey 2020 - 游加电竞 Computational Biology

A survey designed to understand attitudes toward code sharing by the computational biology research community and related disciplines.

March 20 2021

April 28 2021

The MDAR (Materials Design Analysis Reporting) Framework for transparent reporting in the life sciences

Presents a new framework for transparent reporting and reports the results of pilot testing across a range of journals.

April 27 2021

Evaluating equity in scholarly publishing

Reports the results of a 2018 survey measuring diversity and satisfaction in scholarly publishing.

May 26 2020

Transparency in Authors’ Contributions and Responsibilities to Promote Integrity in Scientific Publication

Proposes changes to journal authorship policies and procedures to provide insight into which author is responsible for which contributions.

May 20 2017

March 13 2018

Watch this space for new writings and meta-research into scholarly communications and Open Science.
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